Wise at RSA Conference

‘To support our international development, the RSA Conference is a must-visit event’. Domingo Cardona. CEO at Wise.

Networking and collaboration between industry professionals is vital to keep abreast of the latest trends and target a bright future for cybersecurity. With this in mind, we headed to the RSA Conference in San Francisco (USA), represented by our CEO, Domingo Cardona Cano. Cardona sat on a committee organised by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, which also held a side event to strengthen ties.

  • Why did Wise Security Global attend RSA Conference USA?
    • RSA Conference is the world’s biggest and most prestigious cybersecurity trade fair. This event and the related initiatives bring together the entire industry around the concepts of cybertrust and cybersecurity: digital identity, certification and access control; vulnerability management and governance; malware detection and protection; orchestrated incident response; cybersecurity governance, etc.
    • RSA Conference is an excellent opportunity to establish ties with the global market in general: from suppliers and partners to customers and potential investors.
  • What level of cybersecurity and cybertrust solutions did you see at RSA Conference USA? Is the USA further ahead than Spain in terms of cybersecurity?
    • Although there is a lot of talent in Spain—as well as some great business initiatives—the USA continues to be the world’s leading cybersecurity supplier. The biggest companies in the industry and related products are North American; and the majority of start-ups are in North America, although there are some in Europe and Latin America. RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan focuses on initiatives in this corner of the globe.
  • What role did Wise Security Global play during the day held in San Francisco by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre?
    • We thought it was vital to take part and contribute our view on new trends in Cybersecurity with our closest colleagues. We have a seamless relationship with the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, and it has helped us significantly to drive this international development. In fact, at this specific event we were able to identify potential investors in the USA, but also from other countries invited to the event.
  • What positive aspects can we take away from this event in America for Wise Security Global?
    • Mainly the new ties we have formed and the belief that to support our international development and be a global company, the RSA Conference is a must-visit event.

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