We’re committed to training.

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We’re committed to training.

At WISE, we are committed to training the cybersecurity professionals of the future. This is why part of our team takes part as trainers in some of the country’s most important universities.

Our CEO, Domingo Cardona, is a professor of the Masters in Cybersecurity Management at UPC on the subject of “Cybersecurity Governance”. He also lectures on the same subject in the UPC-VIU Inter-University Masters on IT Security.

At both universities, these courses are supported by our Service and Account Manager, Juanjo Pérez, who also participates in these subject areas, ensuring that students are trained in good governance and CIT risk management.

Furthermore, our partner Cristian Barrientos, Security Analyst at WISE, teaches one of the modules of the subject “Security in mobile devices” on the Masters degree course for IT and Information Security Specialists at UCLM and “Ethical Hacking” in IT Security Masters at UPC-VIU.

And Diego Jurado, also a Security Analyst, lectures at the ULCM, on one of the modules of “Website Auditing” in the Masters degree for Specialists in IT and Information Security.

Companies are increasingly aware of the cyber-risks they are facing in this new digital age. The latest mass attacks, so-called WannaCry, have only emphasised this and put companies on high alert. This is why demand for cybersecurity is on the up and, with it, the need for specialised professionals.

For all these reasons, it is clear that universities are giving more and more importance to cybersecurity, making it one of the mainstays of college Engineering faculties. For our part, we will continue with our commitment to training professionals in these fields to cater for the new demands and needs of the sector.