Wise CISOaaS™ – Success Story at HomeServe

HomeServe takes security very seriously. It aims to offer a completely secure and reliable cyber environment

HomeServe decided to bolster its cybersecurity. It contacted Wise Security Global, which implemented the following actions: Net Alarm; Boost Teaming Network activity, and Wise CISOaaS™ model.

Knows the whole process.

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Job vacancy – Wise Security Global.

We are looking for a senior SOC engineer to be part of a team focused on implementing, improving and maintaining security at one of our partner’s SOC, while enabling our team to grow and succeed.

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Cybersecurity Tour 2019

Cybersecurity Tour by Computing

Cloud system, 5G technology and the responsibility to attacks have been the main topics in the Cybersecurity Tour 2019 managed by Computing. Wise Security Global has joined in this expertise forum thanks to our workmate Juanjo Pérez. Do you want to know more about that? Watch the video!

Interview with Juanjo Pérez, chief operations officer of Wise Security Global

“SMEs are already aware that something has to be done in cybersecurity and Wise Security Global helps them understand where to start building”

The Chief Operations Officer of Wise Security Global, Juanjo Pérez, has no doubt that cybersecurity is no longer just of concern to large companies, and this is the message he aims to transmit to SMEs. The vast spectrum of small- and medium-sized businesses needs these services with the same urgency and now there is a big difference: they are able to pay for them. In this interview, Juanjo explains this and analyses how Wise is adapting to the changing technological environment.

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Our company continues to grow


Wise Security confirms merger with CC3M

We are pleased to inform you that Wise Security has just merged with the technological company CC3M, a company specialised in digital signature and biometrics. This merger makes the new company, known as Wise Security Global, a stronger and leading player in the field of cybersecurity.

With this merger we are going to reinforce our competitiveness and our technological solutions catalogue. In fact, one of the most important aspects is the expansion and enhancement of solutions and services that we currently offer, as well as the commitment to R&D+i activity and the output of new leading services suitable to the market’s needs.

This new scenario allows Wise Security Global to position in the top 10 of cybersecurity, digital signature and certification companies.

Cyber Security & Cyber Trust, our DNA for our clients

Our mission is our continuos challenge: to protect the activity of our clients by generating reliable and secure e-Environments that allow them to maintain and improve the trust of their stakeholders.

To achieve a secure and reliable cyberspace requires two major activities: a first activity based on mathematics that supports the construction of secure channels and environments, and a second one that fortifies those security variables. And with this merger we get both activity fields.

The new Wise Security Global’s pool of services and solutions revolves around two major bastions to achieve a secure and reliable cyberspace: Cyber Trust & Cyber Security.

  • Cyber trust.
    • Digital signature solutions under the company’s guarantee as trusted third party. It is our technological section specialized in solutions that demonstrate the digital evidence of any transaction, operation or action, which occurs between two parties in the online world.
    • We have a solid platform to offer biometric signature of documents with completely legal validity, anywhere and at any time.
  • Cyber security.
    • With the specialization in ethical hacking, managed cybersecurity and CISOaaS model, we monitor our clients’ online systems and environments, and dissuade possible attacks while we build secure e-Environments.
    • We develop an advanced strategic cybersecurity model, aligned with our clients’ business processes.
    • From our CSOC, we offer to any organization, public or private, an adaptable and comprehensive solution, that covers all the technological, legal and organizational aspects in matters of cybersecurity.

As soon as possible, we will offer you our technological map, where we will detail the new services and solutions portfolio, and the new website.

Thank you.

universidades wise

We’re committed to training.

universidades wise


We’re committed to training.

At WISE, we are committed to training the cybersecurity professionals of the future. This is why part of our team takes part as trainers in some of the country’s most important universities.

Our CEO, Domingo Cardona, is a professor of the Masters in Cybersecurity Management at UPC on the subject of “Cybersecurity Governance”. He also lectures on the same subject in the UPC-VIU Inter-University Masters on IT Security.

At both universities, these courses are supported by our Service and Account Manager, Juanjo Pérez, who also participates in these subject areas, ensuring that students are trained in good governance and CIT risk management.

Furthermore, our partner Cristian Barrientos, Security Analyst at WISE, teaches one of the modules of the subject “Security in mobile devices” on the Masters degree course for IT and Information Security Specialists at UCLM and “Ethical Hacking” in IT Security Masters at UPC-VIU.

And Diego Jurado, also a Security Analyst, lectures at the ULCM, on one of the modules of “Website Auditing” in the Masters degree for Specialists in IT and Information Security.

Companies are increasingly aware of the cyber-risks they are facing in this new digital age. The latest mass attacks, so-called WannaCry, have only emphasised this and put companies on high alert. This is why demand for cybersecurity is on the up and, with it, the need for specialised professionals.

For all these reasons, it is clear that universities are giving more and more importance to cybersecurity, making it one of the mainstays of college Engineering faculties. For our part, we will continue with our commitment to training professionals in these fields to cater for the new demands and needs of the sector.

Xavi Pes talks about risks of AI on mobiles


Did you know about possible data leaks from virtual assistants? Siri is not so trustworthy and our account manager, Xavi Pes, explains where the dangers of Artificial Intelligence lie when it comes to mobile phones.

Every day, mobile devices are increasingly present in the corporate world. And apps, full of sensitive corporate data (emails, calendars, documents, oncloud…). However, mobiles are still not considered the main target for cyber attacks and their security is one step behind compared to other professional equipment: They have no anti-viruses or firewalls… And virtual assistants can play tricks on users without them even knowing it.

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Apps y malware: Por qué las apps pueden presentar malware y cómo mitigar este riesgo



Los dispositivos móviles son cada vez más populares, son utilizados por más gente y con fines más diversos. Esto incluye desde acceder a la banca online, mensajería de todo tipo o navegar por Internet, hasta hacer fotos o tomar notas.

Todo ello implica que los desarrolladores de malware hayan enfocado su objetivo a este tipo de dispositivos. ¿Por qué? Es un negocio. ¿Qué sacan ellos? Obtener credenciales bancarias, datos sensibles, incrustar publicidad no deseada e incluso utilizar dichos terminales para realizar ataques de Denegación de Servicio.

Además, muchas de las aplicaciones maliciosas tienen la capacidad de modificar su comportamiento y de descargar nuevo malware, por lo que realizar las acciones anteriormente mencionadas es cada día más sencillo.

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Explotamos la vulnerabilidad CVE-2017-11882 de Microsoft Office


Durante los últimos días, nuestros compañeros Diego Jurado y Miguel Tuñón han explotado la vulnerabilidad CVE-2017-11882 de Microsoft Office, descubierta por el equipo de investigación de Embedi, y que permite a un atacante ejecutar código arbitrario de manera remota (RCE) en el contexto del usuario actual, dado que no se gestionan adecuadamente los objetos en memoria (“Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability”).

Esta vulnerabilidad reside en el antiguo “editor de ecuaciones” de Microsoft Office (EQNEDT32.EXE). Esta herramienta permite a los usuarios embeber ecuaciones matemáticas dentro de documentos de Office como objetos OLE dinámicos.

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Entrevistamos a: Juanjo Pérez, Service & Account Manager en WISE Security


En este nuevo número de NEWISE, entrevistamos a Juanjo Pérez, Service & Account Manager en Wise Security, quien es, actualmente, el responsable de la oficina de Barcelona y de los proyectos que se desarrollan en Catalunya. Allí, junto con su equipo, velan a diario por la seguridad de empresas de diversos sectores como banca, industria o e-commerce.

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