Interview with Juanjo Pérez, chief operations officer of Wise Security Global

“SMEs are already aware that something has to be done in cybersecurity and Wise Security Global helps them understand where to start building”

The Chief Operations Officer of Wise Security Global, Juanjo Pérez, has no doubt that cybersecurity is no longer just of concern to large companies, and this is the message he aims to transmit to SMEs. The vast spectrum of small- and medium-sized businesses needs these services with the same urgency and now there is a big difference: they are able to pay for them. In this interview, Juanjo explains this and analyses how Wise is adapting to the changing technological environment.

1.- Is cybersecurity within the reach of everyone? 

We have always seen cybersecurity as a service with a certain sense of remoteness. Recent technological developments and the digitalisation of businesses have meant that users and companies have found themselves with no choice but to immerse themselves in the world of cybersecurity. That is where Wise is committed to the process of democratising cybersecurity, offering solutions and services for SMEs.

2.- What does the SME sector demand? 

We know that SMEs need cybersecurity solutions as the cyber ecosystem is the same for everyone. Above all, SMEs need managed services to accompany these processes, because vulnerabilities and attacks are constantly changing. At Wise we research these trends and create services and solutions that are tailored to the needs of SMEs.

3.- What do we offer specifically to SMEs? 

Firmly committed to democratising cybersecurity by offering solutions that were previously seen as unattainable for companies without a strong grounding in the area. These types of companies are now aware that they have to do something and Wise Security Global helps them understand where they have to start building.

4.- Can these services be tangibilised into “self-sufficient” products? 

We shouldn’t kid ourselves, there’s no single solution or product that will guarantee constant, 100% monitoring and surveillance; we’ll always need expert hands behind these solutions. What we do is implement solutions that have been successful in large companies ‒banking, public administration, insurance, etc.‒ and adapt them to the SME. These are services that, in the case of Wise, we package in Net Alarm, which is a system for monitoring and controlling a company’s communications network, and the Drydor suite, which analyses the level of security of a company’s infrastructure, website or mobile apps.

5.- Is digital identity also a matter of concern for SMEs? 

Authenticity is one of the four key pillars of cybersecurity, together with integrity, availability and confidentiality. At this point, we can see that the authenticity of one’s digital “self” is basic for not damaging the reliability of any communication. This will not only affect us on a professional level, but increasingly on a personal/family level. Gradually the bureaucracy involving any personal procedure will be preceded by a concept of digital identity that requires a total guarantee. Authenticity will be essential to certify the identity of the parties and all the details of the process (what, when, etc.) and the digital evidence to prove it.

6.- How does Wise meet that need for digital evidence? 

This is where we have developed a product called MEE, a cybernotary that certifies communications between different parties, whether by SMS, email or fax. MEE certifies the sending, receiving, reading and returning of these communications. This is of great use to any organisation or person, in any sector and for any type of notification, that wishes to record their communications.