Interview with Juanjo Pérez, COO at Wise Security Global

It’s not just the CISO’s responsibility to implement cybersecurity measures

Juanjo Pérez Mostajo tells us about digital transformation from a cybersecurity point of view. Wise Security Global’s COO took part in the Cybersecurity Tour organised by the magazine Computing during its stop in Barcelona.

  • What does digital transformation offer in terms of cybersecurity
    • Digital transformation has provided us with new tools which have offered new business functionalities, but they have also heightened the risk to companies themselves. So now we feel more vulnerable than ever.
    • Wise intends to start implementing cybersecurity by raising awareness across all levels of the organisation.
    • We are underlining the message that it’s not just the CISO’s responsibility to implement cybersecurity measures.
  • What are the main measures used to address these risks?
    • We know that there are very well-developed companies which are looking for tools to help them to successfully govern their cybersecurity. For this purpose, Wise offers Drydmanager. It is a tool which not only manages demand at hacking level but establishes itself in the early phases of the development life cycle, providing tools to the application owners to prevent applications being released to the public with vulnerabilities.
  • And for companies which are not as well-developed?
    • Yes, the vast majority of companies are less well-developed, and we suggest they contact specialised cybersecurity firms. For this purpose, Wise offers the CISOaaS service, which provides support to companies to establish this cybersecurity function, which we think is essential.
  • And how do we do it?
    • We have the technology and tools to establish cybertrust and cybersecure environments which ensure it is implemented successfully.
  • Are cyberattack objectives changing?
    • Personally, we don’t think they are changing, but they are certainly getting more sophisticated.
    • There’s no doubt that in a cloud and mobile world we are encountering new scenarios, similar to 2019, but with greater sophistication and an improved learning process to launch and implement an effective attack.