The WISE Security Ethical Hacking service targets the performance of in-depth analysis regarding environment security or applications based on different technologies and/or configurations. Based on well-defined customer information management, confidentiality and responsable testing security standards, the WISE Security Ethical Hacking methodology boasts of a high flexibility degree and customization matching the customer’s needs.

The range of available tests, targets and checks include, among others, the following:

  • Manual and automatic web and mobile application analysis enhanced by the latest technologies and techniques developed.
  • Use cases and scenarios study of fully functional environments.
  • Scoring of the implemented and/or developed security measures within any given environment based on specific needs and requirements.
  • Risk classification stemming from detected vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses within the applications or environments under analysis.
  • Design and analysis of real and feasible attack scenarios and the subsequent compromise of client information and actives.
  • Remediation and/or mitigation measures to eradicate the risks found.
  • Remediation proccess follow-up and later study of the correct implementation.