Mujeres tecnológicas en la Historia

En Wise trabajamos para que las organizaciones y las personas puedan ejercer su actividad e interactuar en ciberentornos seguros, haciendo que la Seguridad esté en las decisiones al más alto nivel y contando con el mejor talento. 

Nuestra responsabilidad y compromiso por contar con el mejor talento incluye a TODXS. 

Y, hoy especialmente, a NUESTRAS MUJERES. 

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Technical Security Officer/Security Manager

Job vacancy – Wise Security Global.

We are currently looking for two professionals to join our Cybersecurity Consultancy team as a Technical Security Officer or Security Manager. These people will play a key role in the development and implementation of Security Offices projects at our clients.

They will work closely with other leaders throughout different organizations to ensure that the information is properly identified and protected; this involves performing assessments and audits, as well as analyzing and overseeing remediation steps, leading and managing security projects.

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