Cybersecurity Tour 2019

Cybersecurity Tour by Computing

Cloud system, 5G technology and the responsibility to attacks have been the main topics in the Cybersecurity Tour 2019 managed by Computing. Wise Security Global has joined in this expertise forum thanks to our workmate Juanjo Pérez. Do you want to know more about that? Watch the video!

Interview with Juanjo Pérez, chief operations officer of Wise Security Global

“SMEs are already aware that something has to be done in cybersecurity and Wise Security Global helps them understand where to start building”

The Chief Operations Officer of Wise Security Global, Juanjo Pérez, has no doubt that cybersecurity is no longer just of concern to large companies, and this is the message he aims to transmit to SMEs. The vast spectrum of small- and medium-sized businesses needs these services with the same urgency and now there is a big difference: they are able to pay for them. In this interview, Juanjo explains this and analyses how Wise is adapting to the changing technological environment.

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